Our 24/7/365 Touchtone Teller

George II enables you to transfer between accounts, inquire about recent account activity, make loan payments, or request checks to be sent to your from your account.

George II

24-Hour Telephone Teller
610-734-3718 or 1-800-235-4035


  • After dialing in, enter 4 followed by the #.
  • Enter 3-5 digit main account number (without the “00”suffix), and #.
  • Enter 4 digit PIN followed by #. *
  • Common Options:
    • 11 – Balance Info​
    • 18 – Funds Transfer
    • 21 – Withdraw Request for checks to be sent to you.

*First time users – your initial PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Change PIN using option 31.

Wallet cards are available at the office with all the options listed for your convenience. If you would like for us to mail you a wallet card, give us a call at 610-734-1883.

It should be noted for regular George II users that transfers between accounts are limited to six per month. This is a Federal requirement under Reg D, which mandates that limit. At times this may result in a transfer not able to be processed. If this happens, please call us at the office and we’ll take care of it for you.

The following is a menu of action codes and options available to you:

Action CodeDescription
11All Share Balances
12All Loan Balances
13Share Draft Clearing
14All Dividend Postings
15All Dividend Postings
16Payroll Deduction Data
17Current Loan Rates
18Transfer Funds
19Last Share Withdrawal and Deposit Data
20Last Loan Payment and Disbursement Info
21Withdrawal Request via Check
22Account Transaction History
23Loan by Phone Application
31Change PIN-Personal Identification Number
99Exit Program and End Session