Share Draft Activity

Initial order is free, all refills, max 150$ Market
Drafts written by members with non sufficient funds (NSF)$ 35.00/draft
Requests for copies of drafts. First one free, additional copies$ 4.00/draft
Stop payment on drafts$ 10.00/draft
Checks deposited to members account that are returned for NSF’s$ 25.00/occur.
Reg. – D account transfers exceeding six per month$ 2.00 each

Master Money/ATM CARD Activity

Replacement cards, any reason$ 5.00/card
Expedited Fee for ATM or debit card (incl UPS overnight charge)$ 35.00/card
The transaction causes an overdrawn account, i.e. Free loan$ 35.00/occur.
Depositing an empty envelope$ 35.00/occur.
Requests for PIN data$ 3.00/request

VISA® Card Activity

Replacement cards, any reason$ 5.00/card
Requests for PIN data$ N/C
Return Check and/or bad payment fee$ 25.00/occur.


Requests for copies of statements. First one free, additional copies$ 3.00/copy
Account reconciliation requests$ 25.00/hr.
Home Equity loan settlement fee. Paid at settlement. $ 350.00/occur.
Bad address fee. Failure to notify the CREDIT UNION$ 5.00/occur.
Accounts under par value & a bad address$ 5.00/occur.
Failure to place your base account number on checks to be deposited$ 2.00/occur.
NSF’s resulting from auto payment authorizations, ACH returns$ 35.00/occur.
First Mortgage Tax Search$ 15.00/occur.
Overdraft Privilege (per item)$ 29.00
Open new account due to ACH discrepancy.$ 25.00/occur.
All requested CU checks over 3 per month$ 4.00 each
Dormant primary accounts, after a year.$ 10.00/Mo.
Late loan payment fee, after 35 days$ 10.00/occur.
Mortgage Satisfaction $ Cost/occur.
Skip payment fee$ 25.00/occur.
Garnishment$ 50.00/occur.
Escheat funds to the State$ 90.00/occur.
Wire Transfer Incoming$ 15.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing$ 25.00
IRA Transfer Fee$ 25.00